Whatever Camera is on Hand

The Alsea River in the fall

I went salmon fishing yesterday with my father-in-law, a fishing guide, and two others on the Alsea River, in Tidewater, Oregon. We all caught fish and it was a wonderful day on the water. But towards the end of the day, when the light was getting beautiful and the river became smooth as glass with autumn foliage reflecting back at itself, it was very hard to fish instead of take photos.

A month ago, I went out on the same river with this same fishing guide – Jim Sehl, of Sehl Guide Service – on magazine assignment. I didn’t fish that day. I took notes and photos. With salmon fishing, you really cannot consecutively do both. Knowing this, yesterday I didn’t even take my own camera. I took my husband’s smaller camera – an older Canon Power Shot. When my father-in-law caught the first fish of the day, I tried to get a photo of him and the fish, but the batteries chose to die at that exact moment. Murphy’s Law, right?

I did take spare batteries, so on the way back to the landing – after we’d hooked seven fish and landed six – I quickly changed batteries and fired off a few shots before the beautiful light was gone.


2 comments on “Whatever Camera is on Hand”

  1. your photos are wonderfull.

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