By: danitacahill

Nov 04 2011

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Focal Length:263mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

More fun with macro photography.

My sons each took a guess at what this could be. Both guessed a cocoon. I could see why they thought that — a butterfly might have broken free through the top and fluttered away. And the photo is taken from a sort of bug’s eye view, but it isn’t a cocoon. It’s a fragile, spent mushroom.

Even for a tired-out fungi, I think this organism has beauty, especially when looked at up close like this. It has beauty in form, pattern and color.

Who would have realized from looking at it with just the bare eye?


2 comments on “Spent”

  1. Feels disturbing to some deep buried instinct in the back of my mind. Nice photograph… but disturbing some how…

    • Can’t say I want to rejoice over creating an image disturbing to you, Galen – but I do like that it got an emotional reaction. After all, that’s what art is all about. Emotion and reaction. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

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