Thanks for Nature

By: danitacahill

Nov 24 2011

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Category: Animal Photography, Animals, Fall Theme, Nature, Nature Photography, Photography, Photojournalism

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Focal Length:238mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

After finishing a newspaper assignment yesterday, I was taking the back country roads home when I stumbled upon this farmland/nature scene.

In a field to my right was this forked-horn buck. I slowed down to get some photos. I noticed he was focused on something across the road.

He was so focused, I had time to change lenses.

That’s when I noticed another buck – this one a little spike – happily eating apples in a small orchard in front of a beautifully kept farmhouse.

I figured something interesting was about to happen, so I put my car in park and turned on the flashers so no one would rear-end me.

Sure enough, the first buck made his way to the edge of the field and meandered across the road…

…leaped the fence and joined his little buddy for an afternoon meal of apples.

Neither buck paid any attention to me, my car, my camera or my flashing lights. And no other cars came up behind me.

But when I had my door open and was half in, half out of my Dodge to get shots of the buck crossing the road and clearing the fence, a speeding car came up over the knoll and passed in the opposite direction, nearly taking off my driver side door off. (No one ever said photography was free of hazards). Had the driver been going a few more miles an hour over the speed limit, she might well have decorated her grill with the first buck.

But she wasn’t and she didn’t. The deer both lived another day to happily munch apples. Probably what they are feasting on today.

Happy Thanksgiving! May you all munch happily together on your feasts, too.


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