Maple Leaf Detail

By: danitacahill

Dec 03 2011

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Category: Color, Fall Theme, Macro, Nature Photography


Focal Length:190mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The color yellow. And Orange. And some green.

Something about maple leaves is really doing it for me this fall. So colorful. This year especially. And such nice curves. Feminine. Organic. Beautiful.


2 comments on “Maple Leaf Detail”

  1. Great colors here certainly; very shallow depth of field at f/5. I wonder how this would have looked at a higher f-stop? I love on these shots how things are revealed that you wouldn’t have even thought existed before. Note the tiny, tiny hairs on the leaf edges that are in focus. Also, I’m guessing you had to get on the ground to take this one. My personal motto is that any shot you have to get down on the ground to take is automatically going to be 10 times better than one taken standing up. 🙂 Good shot!

  2. Thanks, Rob! I appreciate your thoughtful comments. You are right – both about noticing details such as the edge hairs and that shots taken on knees are more valuable!

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