Cool Tree

By: danitacahill

Dec 04 2011

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Category: Color, Nature, Photography


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I took a photo of this tree yesterday afternoon. The tree greets visitors on a knoll at the entrance to Franklin Butte Cemetery in Scio, Oregon.

It was a foggy day and with the outline of this simple little tree, the composition looked like a black and white photo.

I took a few shots, knowing that I’d do some messing with them in post processing.

I couldn’t decide if I liked the photo better in cool colors or warm.

I’ll post the same shot in warm colors next and you can choose for yourself.

Each has a different feeling to me and using the same photo in different colors seemed a good choice for this series on color in photography and how color choices can affect a viewer.


6 comments on “Cool Tree”

  1. Please take a look at my garden photo with light coming in let me know if you like it?
    Love your photos!

    • Thanks for the nice compliment.

      I did look at your garden photo. I love it, Melody. It’s beautiful. Nice job. I also really like the one of the donkey with his nose right up to the lens. Funny!

      I told a friend about your blog adn now she’s reading it. She has a retired government mule. They adore each other. I wrote a story and took a photo about the “mule shower” that my friend threw for Dolly. It ran front page this week of her local paper. Fun!

  2. The warm colors look nice, but I am a cool colors type of guy and like this one a lot. Great shot both ways, but this one gets my vote.

    • Thanks Jeremy and thank you for weighing in. I appreciate the male perspective. The warm coloring may be more to the liking of females, with the shades of pink.

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