More Christmas Lights

By: danitacahill

Dec 17 2011

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Category: Night Photography, Photography, Winter

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Focal Length:80mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Another Christmas light shot.

This one was taken earlier this month at Ralston Park in Lebanon, Oregon. The sponsors really deck this park out each year, with a big celebration the first Saturday of December. The event includes a parade, a lighting ceremony, music and a visit from Santa.

I took this at night. The park was empty. And cold. I was either on my way to, or on my way back from a newspaper assignment and I didn’t feel like setting up my tripod, so I braced myself against a tree and took some shots, holding as still as I could through the rather slow shutter speed.

I’ve been reading up on taking good Christmas light shots. The general advice seems to be: use a tripod; and use either a remote shutter release, or the timer on your camera so you don’t move the camera while firing off the shot.

I did the tree-brace thing and held my breath. I think if I’d followed instructions, I may have gotten a clearer shot.

But this one will do in a pinch.

Merry Christmas!


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