Little Brown ‘Shroom

By: danitacahill

Jan 01 2012

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Category: bokeh, Macro, Nature, Photography


Focal Length:214mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This mushroom was very tiny. I had to use the macro end of my lens and get almost on my belly for this shot.

I found this little fungi in a county park not too far from my house. I like the texture of the cap. It seems most tiny mushrooms are smooth-capped and more fragile looking.

Something about the slant and shape of this mushroom makes me imagine it marching off to gnome battle. Or maybe it’s just getting ready for a gnome New Year’s party – waiting for its mate in the background to hurry up and finish getting ready so they can get going. Ha! Hard to say for sure.

Imagine. Dream. Create.


2 comments on “Little Brown ‘Shroom”

  1. I love the detail and color in this shot. I agree, the position of the mushroom brings to mind fairy tales and thoughts of gnomes and sprites. The DoF is perfect for the shot and I like the detail in the soil around the mushroom. It adds to the story the image tells.

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