Swirled Candy Fungus

By: danitacahill

Jan 03 2012

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Category: Color, Mushrooms, Photography


Focal Length:263mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Mmmm, doesn’t that sound delicious?


I agree. Yuck. But this post-processed shot of a ladybug crawling on fungus does now look like swirled, melted chocolate candy to me.

My three-year-old said it looks like a candy cane.

“It goes round and round and round and stop,” he said.

Three year olds are such wise old souls.

This was one of the blurred shots I mentioned in my last post. I went ahead and had fun with the messed-up image anyway.

This is a simple warp action with Photo Explosion. Nothing spectacular, but good enough to entertain a preschooler. Sometimes, as moms, that’s all we ask for.


5 comments on “Swirled Candy Fungus”

  1. Sometimes, through the eyes of preschoolers, there are essential truths revealed. Now, a candy cane might not be all that essential, but you can’t ask for a better commentator to have checking in from time to time.

  2. Yuch on the fungus, but it does look like candy. Very cool! 🙂

    • Thanks Katie. You’re not a fungus lover? Ha! After looking at your post – the latest I think – and seeing how you flipped the image upside down, it set me to thinking this one might be improved by doing the same thing. What do you think?

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