Raffle Pig

By: danitacahill

Jan 19 2012

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Category: Animals, Photography, Photojournalism


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

To ring in the new year, I’d like to post a few photos from events I covered for newspapers in 2011. These are shots I like, but for one reason or another didn’t make it into the paper.

This first one is “Raffle Pig.” He was in a wooden crate at Scio Feed & Country Store for their annual open house and fall feed sale event, which included draft-mule-drawn wagon rides. The piglet’s owner, Julie House let children feed the pig mini marshmallows, which he slurped up with relish.

Julie and her partner own Triangle J Farm in Albany, where they raise market pigs. They donated the wiener pig, which was raffled off to raise money for local 4-H clubs. Julie said she donated the pig because she wanted to encourage kids to embrace the farming experience and think about a future in agriculture.

We raised a few pigs when I was a kid. I still think piglets are almost as cute as puppies. That cuteness appeal really shows in this photograph. Just look at that face!

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7 comments on “Raffle Pig”

  1. Thanks Cindy! Isn’t he though? I bought a raffle ticket, but I’m glad I didn’t win. I could’ve never eaten him. And who needs a 600-pound pet pig?

  2. I agree with danitacahill, I could never eat such a cute piggy! We made a pet of our first rescue piglet more then 2 years ago, he is well over 600 pounds and just a big sweet lovable baby who likes to play with his tether ball and have his belly scratched. My family and I are horrible farmers because we can’t bring ourselves to eat any of our animals. When ever we have ads to sell any of our animals we always include this statement “we do not eat our animals and do not wish to know if you plan to”. We don’t sell to anyone who doesn’t have a fenced area for the animal because we do not believe in tying animals up. We won’t sell a goat to anyone who doesn’t have another goat to keep it company. We wouldn’t allow a child to ride in an open truck or trailer also we also won’t allow an animal to leave the property if it is not in a carrier or completely closed vehicle.

    • Dawna – we have a small farm too, but don’t keep any meat animals. I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t like to eat animals with names. Have you checked out Donkey Whisperer’s blog? She pops in here to look and comment now and then. Her blog is mostly about equines, but I think you’d enjoy it.

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