Farm Scene with Clover Field

By: danitacahill

Jan 27 2012

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Here is the same scene as in yesterday’s post. Same relatively shallow Depth of Field – f/5.6. A slightly different focal length and a slightly faster shutter speed. The big difference is the focal point.

The focus is now on the farm outbuildings instead of the clover. This photo also seems more of a celebration of the sky.

Which brings up another interesting point. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can take several photos at the same place, same time, same subject, using the same, or very similar settings, yet one outshines all the others? It takes only slight cloud movement, or one half step in either of the four directions sometimes to change the lighting. This was taken moments after yesterday’s post, yet look at the difference in color. That was mostly from a moment’s change in lighting.

Because of this, whenever I’ve got my camera out and if I have the time – meaning I’m not in the middle of a newspaper or magazine assignment, rushing to such an assignment, or pulled over in the middle of the road with traffic coming up behind me – I’ve learned to shoot numerous photos of a scene or subject I like.

I encourage you to do the same. Work it. Try different settings – ISO, aperture, shutter speed. Try different angles. Even that half or full step in one direction or another can gain you that shot that you’re really wanting, by altering perspective, background, foreground or lighting.

For these clover field shots, I got down very low.

And just for the record, I pulled my pickup off the road to get these shots so I wasn’t impeding traffic!


One comment on “Farm Scene with Clover Field”

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