Bring in the Animals

By: danitacahill

Jan 29 2012

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Category: Animals, Birds, Photography, Rural Photography


Focal Length:168mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Animals are some of my favorite subjects to photograph. I’d like to spend the next week or so sharing some animal shots with you.

This first guy is Brewster Rooster. Isn’t he a handsome fellow? I like the piece of clover stuck to his beak and the drip of dew on the end of his beak.

Brewster belongs to Scio artist Raven OKeefe and her husband Ian Caldicott, who trains sheep-herding dogs.

Raven can’t wait until Brewster molts his tail feathers in the fall so she can use them in some of her art projects.

Copyright Danita Cahill.


4 comments on “Bring in the Animals”

  1. On my Facebook link, Stella wrote: “I do not care for birds at all, but he is a colorful, handsome fellow. Love the detail on his comb and the hangy down part….wattle??”

    Thanks, Stella! Yep, that’s his wattle.

  2. Angie wrote on my Facebook link:: “I like looking at birds as long as they arent real close to me or on me. Thats one of my phobias. I cant really tell what that is on its beak. That is a good picture of the rooster”

  3. Great shot 🙂 He is an handsome fellow indeed !!

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