Portrait of a Sheep

By: danitacahill

Jan 30 2012

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Category: Animals, bokeh, Photography


Focal Length:168mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I took this photo recently at Wolston Farms, just east of Scio (Sigh-oh), Oregon.

This is one of last year’s lambs. She’s a Shetland, which is a tiny breed with good wool in many colors for spinning, knitting and using in art projects such as felting.

There was something about this particular lamb’s face that grabbed my attention. I like the look of the grass seed head stuck in her neck wool.

Copyright Danita Cahill.


6 comments on “Portrait of a Sheep”

  1. Wonderful photograph! Very nice composition and light.

  2. Barbara wrote on my Facebok link: “She does have a cute face! I’m glad she’s not bound for the stew pot.”

    No Barbara, at Wolston Farms they don’t eat their sheep. They use their wool and let the Border collies learn to herd them.

  3. Love this photo you caught a peice of grass in her mouth. Great photo!

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