Bucking Bulls and Copyright Update

Photographers and other creatives – Beware!

This is a photo of my daughter on a bull named Roy Boy.

I took this photo a few years ago. My daughter posted it on one of her websites. The image was stolen and used illegally as a design on decorative 5″ x  5″ tiles that say “Bull Rider” across the bottom. I posted a little about that on Jan. 14. Click here to see that post.

The daughter of the bull’s owners (who live in Oregon) saw the tile at a truck stop in New Mexico and recognized both her parent’s bull and my daughter. She bought the tile for $12, took a photo with her cell phone and posted it to Facebook. That’s how my daughter and I found out about the illegal use.

I am tracing the path back to the person who committed copyright infringement. Tuesday I talked to a reporter from the Albany Democrat-Herald, which is Linn County, Oregon’s daily paper. On Wednesday it was a front-page story. (Must have been a slow news day!) Click here to read the story.

I’ll post about it again when I get further in my pursuit.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


3 comments on “Bucking Bulls and Copyright Update”

  1. I have photos stolen all the time. It’s frustrating and illegal, not to mention just plain BAD. I’m glad you are persuing the thief!

  2. Good luck! Cool shot, I can see why they liked it!

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