Big Mules, Little Dude

By: danitacahill

Feb 15 2012

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Category: Animal Photography, History, Horses, Photojournalism, Portrait photography, Rural Photography, Travel, Western


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Meet Leslie and Lizzy, two Belgian draft mules. These mules are sisters. Their mama was a Belgian draft horse mare, their papa was a mammoth jack (really big donkey).

The boy clinging to one of their backs is my middle child.

This photo came from a self-imposed assignment. Tom Marquette, the owner of these mules, traveled part of the Oregon Applegate Trail in August of 2009 doing a wagon-train reenactment.

I met up with the group at several spots, in different towns along the way. I had stories and photos published about the event in three newspapers. A different story and series of photos nearly made it into a magazine. But the editor I had previously worked with left to go back to school and the ball was dropped on the project. Anyway, long story short, it didn’t run in the mag.

I have lots of great photos and some nice memories. I’d like to share some of both with you here over the next few posts.

What I like best about this shot is the contrast between the big animals and my little boy. I also like the look of concentration on my son’s face – as if the mules might suddenly race off and he is ready for that possibility. (Tom raised these mules from babies. They are super sweet, trusting, docile and obedient).

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9 comments on “Big Mules, Little Dude”

  1. Julie at Triangle J Farm in Albany, Oregon wrote on my Facebook link: “I love Tom’s mules. He was talking with us about them at Fall feed sale this year.”

  2. I went on one of the mule-drawn hay rides at Scio Feed and Country Store Feed Sale last year, Julie. Did you? It was fun!

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