Surrounding the Wagon

By: danitacahill

Feb 17 2012

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Category: Photography, Photojournalism, Rural Photography


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Here come the Indians in full regalia, surrounding Tom Marquette’s wagon. This was just before they signed the White Feather Treaty with pioneer Tom.

I covered this wagon train reenactment the summer of 2009 for two community newspapers and a national magazine.

The wagon train traveled through a few counties and several rural communities along sections of the Oregon Applegate Trail. The Native Americans caught up with Tom Marquette, his team of draft mules and his traveling entourage in Jefferson, Oregon. Gwin Stam, to the right with her  back to the camera made the regalia. Her husband Bill Stam is to the left. His tribal name is Chief Blue Eyes. He grew up on a reservation.

Please see the past couple of posts for more photos and stories from this assignment. And stay tuned for future posts on the same event. It was a fun one.

Copyright Danita Cahill.


3 comments on “Surrounding the Wagon”

  1. Triangle J Farms wrote on my Facebook link: “You have all the fun!”

  2. Julie at Triangle J – it is a fun job. The downfalls to being self-employed are no paid vacation or sick days, and having to work nearly every weekend. But like yesterday, going on photo safari at your place: pure fun!!!

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