Triangle J Doeling

By: danitacahill

Feb 20 2012

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Julie at Triangle J Farm was kind enough to share her animals with me last Tuesday. I’m going back this morning with my sons so they can meet the animals.

Julie and Joe raise pigs and goats. This was Julie’s favorite doeling – you can see her fondness in the way she holds it and looks at it. The little goat was about a week old. It was sold before it was born to a family who wanted to bottle raise her. They picked the kid up a few days after I visited the farm the first time.

There were three other baby goats and four litters of pigs. One litter of 11 had been born the night before I was there. Unlike dogs and cats, baby pigs are born with their eyes open. They are bow-legged walking within minutes. And CUTE. Oh, are they ever cute.

Animals seem to be popular on this blog, so over the next few days I’ll share more photos from Julie and Joe’s farm in Albany, Oregon. If you’d like more information about the farm, or are interested in animals for sale, you can find Triangle J Farm on Facebook.

Thanks to my blog followers new and old for your support. As always, comments are welcome.

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2 comments on “Triangle J Doeling”

  1. Awesome, that’s my friend Julie! Odd the pictures I have found, so far, of her and Joe are all with goats when they started out with pigs. They gave me my first piglet (now my favorite farm animal) and we gave them their first goats and I think they may be a favorite of their now too!

    • Dawna, I have a couple more photos of pigs to post, but I don’t think Julie is in any of them. Oh, there was one I posted earlier with Julie holding a newborn piglet, but just her hands show. I think she enjoys all the animals on their farm.

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