Boy and Horse

By: danitacahill

Mar 06 2012

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Category: Animals, Child Photograhy, Farm, Horses, Photography, Portrait photography, Rural Photography

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is our middle child on Leo the American Paint horse.

I think our son was trying to make Leo go forward, but he was giving the reining cue for neck flex or back up. Poor Leo was trying to do the right thing, but was feeling confused.

I bought Leo as a four-month-old weanling for my daughter. So we’ve had him nearly his whole life.

Leo didn’t live up to his reining bloodlines – instead he was lazy and sluggish. Good on the trails, that’s about it. There were always other horses to ride, so Leo didn’t get much time under saddle.

Life has changed for Leo in the past year. My daughter has finished him and is doing a great job training him to barrel race (she’s got three of her horses in barrel race training at the moment.)

And Leo? He has found his sport! He’s still not super speedy, but he can run a nice, tight pattern. The best part is he seems to love doing it.

Photo copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


One comment on “Boy and Horse”

  1. I guess even animals need to find what their good at, makes them happy, and go for it — not so different from humans after all 🙂

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