Dusty Ride

By: danitacahill

Mar 07 2012

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Category: Animals, Black & White, Farm, Photography, Photojournalism, Rural Photography

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A few years ago, I spent part of two summers hanging out at a bullriding facility called Gorham’s Bucking Bulls in Lebanon, Oregon.

My daughter and her then boyfriend, now husband, rode bulls there. So my youngest kids and I went to watch the big kids ride, fall off and ride again. Scary stuff for a mom to watch. But seeing my daughter make her first eight-second ride was as exciting as another mother watching her daughter or son score the winning game point in basketball or football.

I got hooked on photographing bullriding. It’s filled with action. The sunlight shines through the dust in a really cool way, so even on bright summer afternoons when the sun is directly overhead – harsh light for photographers – it is still possible to get some amazing shots.

This photo won an award in the professional division at the Benton County Fair (Oregon) that same year. I can’t remember if it’s one of my bullriding shots that took a best of class that year or not. (I should keep better track of these things!)

A few months ago, I joined the Meterite Camera Club in Salem, Oregon. We have monthly competitions. This photo was a winner in the first round. It’s been sent on to be judged in a bigger competition among other winners from camera clubs in several NW states.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


One comment on “Dusty Ride”

  1. Glenda wrote on my Facebook link: “Fantastic photo! We went to someplace outside of Lebanon around 15 years ago so our oldest son could see some bullriding up close. He was interested in doing it. Fortunately (for my nerves) he decided to stick with western riding and not compete. (I think he realized a broken leg could interrupt his fishing and hunting.) :)”

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