An Elegant Fall

By: danitacahill

Mar 18 2012

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Category: Animals, Farm, Photojournalism, Rural Photography, Western


Focal Length:53mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is probably the most graceful-looking fall off a bull that I have ever witnessed – the rider’s legs crossed at the ankles, as though he is just kicking back for a relaxing moment before he softly lands in the dust (Not!).

There’s a special story behind this ride.

The bull rider’s name  is Jimmie. He was riding in honor of his best friend, Nathan who was killed earlier that year in a farming-vehicle accident near his family’s dairy in Scio, Oregon.

Nathan had wanted to try riding a bull and never got the chance, so Jimmie did it for him.

It was very touching. A photo I took of Jimmie riding the bull was published in the Albany Democrat-Herald, which is Linn County, Oregon’s daily newspaper. I was glad I was there to get the shot.

Rest in peace, Nathan. You were loved much. By many.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


9 comments on “An Elegant Fall”

  1. He looks like he is about to bounce on the trampoline! Are they taught to fall a particular way to prevent injuries (as much as that is possible when tossed from a bull that is)?

    • You know Indigo, I don’t know how much they teach the riders about falling. I know it’s best not to fall underneath the bull. But mostly I think they’re taught about how to stay on.

  2. Lena wrote on my facebook link, “Ha ha! Poor Jimmy.”

    Nathan is Lena’s brother.

  3. this is my son in law. amazing!

  4. Terry said on my Facebook link, “To use a military term…”Dust off”

    Terry and his wife taught the first photography class I ever took through Linn Benton Community college in Albany, Oregon. That was back in the days of film.

  5. Reblogged this on miracahills and commented:

    I shared this on my photo blog earlier. Thought it might be appreciated over here, too.

  6. What an excellent shot! And lifting prayers for Nathan’s family.
    God Bless You!

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