Snow Day for Alpacas

By: danitacahill

Mar 23 2012

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Category: Animals, Farm, Pets, Rural Photography, Winter


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The unexpected snow storm this week in Oregon seemed to take even the animals by surprise.

Our alpacas didn’t have enough sense to come in out of the snow.

Instead of going into their barn, they spent the first night “cushed” on the ground outside letting the snow blanket them. Alpacas prefer to be outside. They only handgout in the barn if it’s hailing or it’s been pouring rain for hours. Both types of weather has happened a lot lately, followed by this weird March snow.

The Fed Ex driver just delivered a package – I received a hand-forged dinner bell as a payment for a photo that appears in the April/May issue of Country magazine – and as the driver pointed out, llamas and alpacas come from high and snowy altitudes. With their thick coats of hair, snow is not a problem for them.

That’s Georgia in the foreground. Behind her is Glory and Glory’s baby, Wrangler, Ebony and her baby Cassidy.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


8 comments on “Snow Day for Alpacas”

  1. What a great photo!

  2. I love alpacas!! Georgia looks as though she is planning a trip and deciding the best direction to start.

    • Haha Indigo! Love it. Georgia is just the sort of alpaca girl that would be planning a trip, too. She and the two males – Wrangler and Admiral – have the biggest personalities of the lot. Your comment will have me chuckling all day. Thank you!

  3. Chris wrote on my Facebook link: “haha ~ They are probably wondering what is with the weather too! 🙂 Soo cute!”

  4. Barbara R wrote on my Facebook link: “While in Ecuador I saw a herd of llamas living in a preserve of Incan ruins at more than 10,000 feet altitude. It wasn’t snowy there, but it was windy and cold. They didn’t seem to mind in the least.”

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