Little Monkey Face

By: danitacahill

Mar 30 2012

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Category: Animal Photography, Animals, Nature, Photography, Wildlife


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I can’t remember what kind of animal this little guy is. I’m fairly certain he’s a member of the monkey family. Can anyone help me out? Anyway, this guy was very cute and not very big.

There were two of these button-eyed monkey creatures in a glass-fronted cage inside the village portion of Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon when we visited last month.

I got this shot by putting my lens flat against the glass to reduce glare. The little critter was curious and came over for a closer look at me and my camera. I love the catch light in his shiny round eyes

Copyright Danita Cahill. Photo not for sale.


5 comments on “Little Monkey Face”

  1. Looks like my hubby when he doesn’t shave. *gwg*

  2. Becky wrote on my Facebook link: “Is this little creature sloth? They are tropical American mammals.”

  3. Starla wrote on my Facebook link: “Is it a kind Leemer? Lemur? Have no idea how to spell it”

  4. On my Facebook link, Starla wrote: “Lemur after I looked it up”

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