Three Little Lambs

By: danitacahill

Apr 16 2012

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Category: Action shots, Animal Photography, Animals, Farm, Rural Photography, Spring

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

When planting flowers, it looks better to plant them in odd-numbered groups. The green thumb rule is to plant in odd numbers unless there are so many that the eye cannot quickly count them. When the numbers get that big, say 16 or so, even numbers work fine because the eye won’t know.

Small odd numbers can also be used to the photographer’s advantage when composing a photograph. Let’s take three for example.

I’ll be posting photographs of subjects of three over the next couple of days to illustrate this idea.

These three little lambs look like mischief on 12 hooves to me. And that’s pretty much what they were.

I took this shot through the open window of my car late last week. I had gone to Corvallis to Oregon Camera to see about selling one of my Canon Rebel XTis (I really don’t need two of them now that I have the 5D Mark II). I took the back country roads home as I always do when time allows.

I passed a field full of ewes and lambs. One ewe seemed to be babysitting a small gang of lambs. The mama was lying down. The lambs were running around her, butting heads with one another, kicking up their heels and using the poor patient ewe’s back to play king of the mountain.

I got several good shots of the lambs. But this one works well for the “three” series, illustrating an effective use of odd numbers.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


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