The Eyes Have It All

By: danitacahill

Apr 26 2012

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Category: Animals, Farm, Focal point, Horses, Macro, Pets, Reflections, Rural Photography


Focal Length:190mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

We’ve all heard the saying, “The eye is the window to the soul.” I believe this is true. For emotional and, excuse the pun, eye-catching photos, it’s important that the eye of your subject is in sharp focus.

With an SLR or DSLR (film or digital single lens reflex camera) this is accomplished by making sure one of the focus points lights up over the eye or eyes of the subject in the viewfinder before the photographer very gently depresses the shutter button while holding stock still.

Of course this is rudimentary stuff, but is easier said than done.

Using the eye itself as the subject of a photo is nothing new or uncommon. You’ll often see many such shots in the youth photography exhibits at county fairs. Eyes of humans and animals can make striking images. Especially if you can catch the reflexion of something interesting in the eye when composing the shot.

I’m fond of this shot for a couple of reasons. Horses have beautiful eyes, this one especially, with the white lashes. And I like the reflexion of skyline and wooden hay feeder that gives a pattern inside the eye.

I took this photograph last weekend at my friends’ Paty and Gerrit’s property in Central Oregon. Paty is a novelist and a rancher’s wife. Check out her blog by clicking here. 

To see other photographs that really celebrate the eye as the main focus, click here, here and here.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


3 comments on “The Eyes Have It All”

  1. Thanks so much, Nicole!

  2. That’s Annie. Christy and her kids have claimed her from her in-laws. Great photo!

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