Four White Hats

By: danitacahill

Apr 29 2012

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Category: Bull riding, Farm, Horses, Photography, Portrait photography, Rural Photography, Summer, Western


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Here’s another weekend Western image. Like yesterday’s post, this was taken in Lebanon, Oregon a few years back at Gorham’s Bucking Bulls.

The guys were up on the shoot, helping a rider get settled onto a bull.

The cowboy on the left, Kirk, is now my son-in-law. He no longer rides bulls, but has switched sports to bronc riding (bucking horses). He came in second place at the last rodeo he rode in a couple weeks ago and won some prize money.

The guy on the right is Nick, of Scio, Oregon. His mom and I were in the Linn County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse together (wilderness search and rescue on horseback).

I watched the two guys in the middle ride bulls, but don’t know their names.

This is another of my all-time favorite shots. The four white straw hats in a row. The faces all partially hidden…I really love this photo. I also like that from right to left the hats get more worn out and beat up. Notice that?

Happy Sunday!

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5 comments on “Four White Hats”

  1. Joey wrote on my Facebook link: “Wow.”

  2. Glenda wrote on my Facebook link: “Are they good guys in white hats?”

  3. funny how the hats get beat up! v.nice!

  4. Cowboy hats take a lot of abuse – flying off cowboy’s heads as they ride bulls; landing in the dust; getting trampled, that sort of thing.

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