Humor in Photography

By: danitacahill

May 23 2012

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Category: Birds, Humor, Photography, Rural Photography


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is a real sign, no photo shop needed!

It’s always cracked me up but I’d never photographed it before.

A few weeks ago, I drove through Shedd, Oregon to take a photo. The bird that’s flying was sitting on the sign, which was perfect. I fired a shot off through the window of my truck, which didn’t turn out great. Of course, when I opened the door to get out for a better photo, the bird flew. But that worked, too.

I thought about using fill flash, but the sort of dark, eerie feeling suits the subject matter. I hope it still comes across as funny, or at least ironic.

Over the next few posts, I’ll be concentrating on humor in photography.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


13 comments on “Humor in Photography”

  1. I lived in Shedd for nearly 20 years. We call that area of Linn County — Halsey, Shedd, Brownsville — Central Linn. Many of my old friends, acquaintances and greenhouse customers are now my Facebook friends, so this photo has gotten a lot of views today. Here’s what two of my Central Linn friends had to say:

    Missi: “i drive by it all the time, just never really thought about what it said. lol”

    Glenda: “I have driven by that sign hundreds of times — only in Shedd!”

  2. Ken wrote on my Fb link: “Too funny…”

  3. Paty wrote on my Fb link: “The cemetery in Oregon City has a dead end sign right before the cemetery. Is this an Oregon thing???”

  4. Love this!

  5. Great find! Love the humor on the image 🙂

  6. Kati (a Central Linn peep) wrote on my Facebook link: “That sign has always made me giggle a little.”

  7. Sharon wrote on my Facebook link: “I love it!!! Thanks for all the tips, too!”

  8. On my Facebook link, Sue wrote: “hahahahahahahahahahaha that is funny shit!”

  9. Barb wrote on my Facebook link: “As you say, certainly ironic!:)”

  10. […] loved the irony of the shot, like the Dead End sign here. Rick saw the quail on the sign and backed the truck up so I could get a […]

  11. […] more humorous shots, click here       here    here    and […]

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