Red Solo Cup – Humor in Photography Nine

By: danitacahill

May 30 2012

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Category: Action shots, Animals, Dogs, Humor, Photography, Photojournalism, Portrait photography, Summer


Focal Length:86mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
“Who turned out the lights?”

This little pup decided it would be a good idea to lick up the dregs of punch left in the bottom of a red Solo cup at my niece’s baby shower last summer.


Maybe sticking one’s head in a plastic cup isn’t such a great idea. Especially if your head is as small as this pom/Chihuahua mix’s.

But the mishap had no lasting effects – the pup shook free of the cup within seconds. And once again, I was glad to have my camera out, set and at the ready.

Wouldn’t this make a great cover for Toby Keith’s country single, “Red Solo Cup”? Ha!

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Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


2 comments on “Red Solo Cup – Humor in Photography Nine”

  1. Wonder if he knows the song. Too cute!

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