Cow Parsnip Composition

By: danitacahill

Jun 05 2012

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Category: bokeh, composition, Floral, Macro, Nature Photography, Rural Photography, Spring, Wildlife


Focal Length:168mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I went to a workshop summer before last put on by Ruralite, which is a magazine that I do feature writing and photography work for. The workshop was held in Reno, Nevada. There was a writing instructor and a photography instructor.

Our photography teacher was photo journalist David LaBelle. I learned a ton from him. One of the things he said that has stuck with me is that in each photo, one element is king. That element may be lighting, subject, motion, color, or a multitude of other things.

In this photograph, composition is king.

The subject matter is a common cow parsnip which grows rampant along country roadways this time of year.

Take a closer look at some of your favorite shots. What element is king?

For more about photographer David LaBelle, his books and workshops, click here.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


6 comments on “Cow Parsnip Composition”

  1. Lynda wrote on my Facebook link: “Amazing how beautiful a weed can photograph. :)”

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  3. […] think about the purpose of the image, or the quality that makes the photo “king.” (Click here to see a post with more on […]

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