Dock from Japan

By: danitacahill

Jul 04 2012

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Here’s another angle of the dock that floated from Japan to Newport Oregon. It washed ashore on Agate Beach over a year after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami tore it loose from its moorings.

I’d never seen so many people at Agate Beach as that day in mid-June. I took photos for a couple who had hiked the quarter-mile or so to see the dock. It was their 52nd wedding anniversary that day.

I took photos for some college-age women with one of their little cameras, too. They had climbed on top of the dock. I had time to shoot two frames before the young women had to quickly climb back down because a state parks and rec employee sped up the beach in his marked truck and ordered everyone off the dock.

“It cost over a million dollars to build,” the parks and rec employee said. “It’s valuable.” He said they’d had signs made that said no trespassing and he’d glued them onto the concrete and steel dock with “expensive marine glue.” But someone had stolen the signs during the night. He thought for scrap. I’m thinking maybe just for souvenirs.

Unfortunately, the state decided to pay a company to dismantle the dock and remove it from the beach. Too cost prohibitive to tow it back out to sea and relocate it somewhere useful, I guess.

The clinging sea life – mussels, starfish etc. were all scraped off post hast after the dock landed and buried in a big hole nearby in the sand. The dock was sterilized with torches. I’m not clear if it was tested for radiation.

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5 comments on “Dock from Japan”

  1. Hiroaki (of Japan) posted on my Facebook link:
    “They visited a drift and learned the fear of the tsunami.
    Let’s run away from the sea and the river if the big earthquake comes.
    The tsunami in Japan was the biggest and had 30 meter height.
    The road is a hundreds-of kilo range and is doing remedial works.
    The Fukushima nuclear power plant is in the still dangerous condition.
    I continue to let out radioactivity.
    The radiation level of my home is 0.08 micro sievert.
    ( I measure with Geiger counter which is made in Japan ).
    I bought a measuring machine immediately at 70,000 yen after the earthquake.
    They are a very good reporter. VERY GOOD!!”

    • Hiroaki, did you mean the Fukushima nuclear plant continues to let out radioactivity? It is so interesting to hear a comment from you in Japan about this dock from your country. I am so sorry for all the damage that happened to your country.
      (Hiroaki was a foreign exchange student in Scio, Oregon when the tsunami hit Japan. His family was not injured).

  2. Hiroaki wrote on my Facebook link:
    “Thanking you dear Danita.
    The drift in Japan drifts to the sea in the world.
    I think that the owner of the drift doesn’t want to collect.
    but, I think that it wants to hear drifting information.( Photograph and the image of the drift )
    the big drift, a cost is too much taken.
    In the area where there was damage of the tsunami, a company and a house were washed away.
    They are zero start.
    The return of the drifting soccer ball and the small fishing vessel and so on to the owner
    I am an extremely good thing.”

    • I don’t totally understand everything you’re saying, Hiroaki. But I do so enjoy your comments. And thanks for sharing the links on Facebook with others in Japan. I’m glad they will get to see the dock that drifted from there to here.

  3. […] steel re-bar dock was already gone when we got there. For photographs of the dock before removal, click here     and […]

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