Japanese Tsunami Dock is Done Gone

By: danitacahill

Aug 06 2012

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My family and I went back to Agate Beach in Newport yesterday to see how the removal project was going of the Japanese dock that drifted ashore after last year’s tsunami.

They were just finishing with the clean-up work.

The salvage and beach clean-up company had put down some sort of thick tarp, with planks over the top to drive the trucks and machinery on. The company won the job with a bid of nearly $85,000.

The dock cost over a million dollars to build, according to an Oregon State Parks Department employee that I talked with. It’s unfortunate the cost to haul the dock back out to sea and to a port that could use it was cost prohibitive.. Bids were almost twice as much to haul it back to sea than to saw it up and haul it off.

The boxcar-size concrete and steel re-bar dock was already gone when we got there. For photographs of the dock before removal, click here     and here.

Photo copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


5 comments on “Japanese Tsunami Dock is Done Gone”

  1. Stephanie wrote on my Facebook link: “glad I got down there to see it before it was gone. Kind of amazing and creepy at the same time.”

  2. Stephanie replied on my Facebook link: “it just floated in and now is gone…other than coming all the way across the world. AND it’s a massively HUGE piece of concrete that floated.”

  3. […] For more photos and info on the dock, click the back arrow. And/or click here. […]

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