Jump Frog, Jump!

At the Frog Jump, held on the Sunday during Jefferson (Oregon) Mint Festival, the rules are simple: Once the frog is placed in the jumping circle, frog jockeys may not touch it again until A) the frog has taken three jumps or B) the time is up.

Jockeys may blow on their frogs, yell, clap, snap their fingers, slap the ground, stomp their feet or whisper sweet nothings into the frog’s ear, but there is no touching, poking or prodding allowed.

Photographing at this event is both a riot and a challenge.

I think the girl’s face paint adds to the fun of the shot. But it’s the expression on the frog’s face that cracks me up. It’s as if the bull frog is saying, “Ooooohhhh nooooooo.”

I do wish the frog’s face was in sharper focus. Like I said, it’s a challenging event to photograph.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


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