And Baby Alpaca Makes Seven

By: danitacahill

Aug 25 2012

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Focal Length:168mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Meet the newest addition to our alpaca herd. This little female cria was born yesterday morning. I helped bring her into the world. Not that she really needed any help. But I did clear the membrane sack from her nose and mouth and lay down a towel for her to plop onto as she entered the world. Oh yes, and I dipped her umbilical cord in iodine.

It was an amazing experience. My boys, ages four and six, also witnessed the birth, the baby’s wobbly first steps, her first suckles of milk. Very educational.

In this photo, her fleece is nearly dry a couple of hours after birth.

We are new alpaca ranchers. We got our herd of six – four adults, two babies – last September. This was the first baby to be bred and born on our farm, so it was very exciting.

As far as photographing such an event, uh, I could’ve done much better if I hadn’t been so blasted excited and nervous that everything would go alright. I was pretty shaky and the birthing photos show that. A lot. Most are blurry. Not only from camera shake, but because I didn’t have the shutter speed dialed high enough. After the baby was safely on the ground and breathing well, I noticed my error and made adjustments. My mind was just stretched in too many places at one time. I’m sure you’ve all had days like that, too. It usually feels like the story of my life!

If you enjoy thinking up names, this 16-pound alpaca needs one. Her mama’s name is 4’s Ebony and her daddy’s name is Admiral Ka Nui of Sylvan Skies, if that helps. Suggestions are more than welcome.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


3 comments on “And Baby Alpaca Makes Seven”

  1. She’s such a cute lil’ baby!

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