Baby Alpaca, Still Wet From Birth

By: danitacahill

Aug 27 2012

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Focal Length:92mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Little Hallelujah, just minutes after she was born Still wet. Mama Glory standing by. Unlike horses and cows, alpacas don’t really lick their babies.

Baby alpacas are nearly always born between 9 am and 2 pm. In the wild, the babies must be dry before the frigid night air in the Andes settles in.

Hallelujah was born at 11:55 am. The baby born the day before  came at 10:15 am.

At two and three days old, these little girls are really trying out their legs. I’ll try to get photos today of them cavorting around the pasture. So fun to watch. So hard to get any work done with that kind of distraction!

The first baby alpaca is yet unnamed, but I’m leaning toward Lady Contessa. Problem is, we’d about settled on Tess as a name for our new puppy, which comes home to us in a couple of weeks. If we name an alpaca Contessa, I know we’d wind up calling her Tess for short.

Such a dilemma.
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2 comments on “Baby Alpaca, Still Wet From Birth”

  1. Or you could call her “Lady” short for “Lady Contessa”…. just a thought?….

  2. Good suggestion, Carlyn.

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