Bailey the Guinea Pig

By: danitacahill

Aug 27 2012

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Focal Length:64mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I’ve been so busy posting photos and writing about our puppy and our new baby alpacas that I forgot to mention yet another species of animal that we share our lives with.

Meet Bailey the Guinea pig. She belongs to my six-year-old – this is him holding Bailey here. As you can see, Bailey is very docile.

I don’t know why I never got Guinea pigs before. They are very sweet little creatures. We liked Bailey so much after we got her a month ago that we went back to the pet store a few days later and got another one for our youngest son.

I feed the little pigs greens, hay and Guinea pig pellets. I noticed they were getting awful fat. Mmmm, I wondered. Am I feeding them too much?

For some reason, I was thinking Guinea pigs couldn’t get pregnant until five or six months of age. These Guinea girls were three months when we bought them, so I didn’t think anything about them being in a big outdoor cage with cockatiels, several other Guinea pigs and a bunny at the pet store.

We can now feel the babies in their tummies kick and move.

Not knowing when they were bred, I have no clue about their due dates, but I’m thinking it will be soon.

The Cahill Zoo is soon going to need more cages. And there will be some cute baby Guinea pigs needing new homes.

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4 comments on “Bailey the Guinea Pig”

  1. I used to have hamsters and rabbits when I was younger, but I always wanted a Guinea pig. 🙂

  2. Oh dear! Pregnant piggies. Whee recommend you look at this and feel free to join up to the site for more advice. Male guinea pigs can reproduce from the age of three weeks old and girls from when they are born. Better check you have cavy savvy vet on board to help you through this! If you need any advise please just ask.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Thanks for the info. We are the proud owners of five baby pigs – four boys and one girl. We have found good homes for three, maybe four of the babies already. And have another cage to whisk the boys into when they are three weeks old. The babies are adorable.

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