Woody Woodpecker

My husband took this photo of a pileated woodpecker. He was in a fir-tree behind our house (the woodpecker, not my husband).

Rick was shooting with his little Canon Powershot and I was using my Canon Rebel. Rick won the photo contest, hands down. This shot turned out better than any of the ones I took. I cropped the shot and ran it through a couple of lighting filters in Photo Express, but credit goes to Rick. Good job, honey!

I think I remember seeing a few of these gigantic woodpeckers as a kid, but this was the first ever we’d seen on our property. It was a foot and a half tall. Huge bird, just stabbing away at the trees and stumps in our woods, sending bark flying every which way.

Very cool encounter. I hope Woody comes back to visit and dine on carpenter ants again soon.

Photo copyright Rick Cahill. All rights reserved.


2 comments on “Woody Woodpecker”

  1. Starla wrote on my Facebook link: “How beautiful, I see one at our place every few years, I think they have a big territory. Very cool to get such a good shot, AND to have them grace your area!”

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