Tree Full of Buzzards

When my friend Paty and I went out to check on her and her husband Gerrit’s cows and new calves in late September at their Central Oregon ranch, we couldn’t find “crazy cow’s” calf.

My stomach dropped when we saw vultures circling.

Thankfully, the turkey vultures were just circling before joining their buzzard buddies for a rest in a snag. The calf was nearby, tucked away in a protected place under the low-hanging branches of a tree.

Crazy cow might be schizoid, but she’s got some solid mothering skills.

If I’d been thinking ahead of time, I would have posted this shot on Halloween. Very fitting.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


4 comments on “Tree Full of Buzzards”

  1. Eerie photo!:)

    Reem Faruqi Sent from my iPhone

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