Catch Light Alpaca

By: danitacahill

Mar 04 2013

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It’s been awhile since I posted photos of my alpacas. So, last week I took a few photographs of our three baby girls. As an aside – baby alpacas are called cria. We were fortunate enough late last summer to get three healthy baby girl alpacas. In alpaca speak that was a “good cria crop.”

This young lady is Glory’s Hallelujah, or Halle (like Halle Berry) for short. She is my favorite. She has been full of character since the moment of birth. And I love her big, beautiful eyes.

Let’s talk for a moment about eyes. Catch light, or that bit of eye highlight in a photograph is what makes living things look alive. If there is no catch light, the photo comes off as flat and sort of lifeless.

I’ve taken many cute photos of animals over the years. But the very best are the ones with defined catch light. This shot of Halle isn’t a bad example. It’s not an excellent example either – I’d rather see a better plane of focus on the eyes instead of on her nose. But it is cute and will do for today.

While I was photographing the alpacas the other day, I paid particular attention to capturing catch light in their eyes. It’s just one more thing – along with composition and watching out for background clutter – to add to your mental toolbox when framing a photograph in your view finder. With time these things become second nature.

Catch light, however, is something I still have to think about, remember and plan for.

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3 comments on “Catch Light Alpaca”

  1. Very helpful advice on catch light….hadn’t heard that term before 🙂 beautiful alpaca!

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