Bounding Alpacas

Alpacas bound like deer when they are feeling playful. This frisky, fun-loving mood seems to strike them most often right about dusk – a challenging time of day to photograph quick movement.

This photo is motion-blurred, but Georgia – the alpaca in front – is doing the bounding thing, and I think the image describes that.

To get this effect I used the panning method. Standing in one place I swiveled my body to follow the path of the running alpacas, clicked the shutter button while continuing to follow the animals with my camera. 

It’s fun to try panning with moving vehicles, animals, joggers and bicyclists. Give it a whirl, see what kind of shots you come up with.

And in case you’re interested, the silver-grey alpaca behind Georgia is Cassidy. Shadowing Cassidy is Midnight, a true-black yearling.

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Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


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