An Easter Moment

I’m going to spend the next several posts talking about “moment shots.”

To me, the most magnificent thing about cameras and being a photographer is the ability to capture and immortalize a moment in time with a simple click of the shutter release.

With my strong journalism background, moment shots are my favorite kinds of photographs – the actual un-staged moments. Not planned. Not posed. Not controlled beyond camera settings, framing and angle. But true, honest moments in time.

Today’s example is my great niece and nephew, taken this past Easter. I love our nephew’s look of concentration – note the tongue out and the eyes scanning the area. He is a serious contender in the race to find the most Easter eggs.

I used our niece to frame the shot, and although she’s out of focus, you can still read her happy, contented expression.

Although moment shots cannot be totally planned  – especially when the subjects are quick and spontaneous, such as children and animals – moments in time can be anticipated as far as expression, emotion, or where the subjects may next position themselves.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


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