Alpacas and boy in the Magic Hour

Another example of a moment shot.

This is our youngest doing what he does – carrying a stick as a “weapon,” wearing shorts and rubber boots, while some of our alpacas watch him. The alpacas are hopeful that he will throw the weapon into the maple tree and knock down some tasty leaves for them to devour.

My boys spent hours in this area of our property this summer. They each staked out their territory and did “Indian stuff, ” such as constructing arrows with sticks and feathers, building pretend fire pits, and “hunting.”

The coolest part – besides that the boys were playing outside, in nature and fresh air and not vegging out on video games and TV – was that they really did find evidence of “Indian stuff” in the way of a couple authentic arrow heads.

This photo, and the next one I’ll share here, will always remind me of this summer and the boys playing their games of imagination in the alpaca field.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.  


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