Artful Weeds

Another shot I took while on a senior photo shoot at the beach. Obviously, this is not a senior. I took it while waiting for the senior – in this case, my niece – to grab her sunglasses from the car. I had camera in hand and so looked for something worthy to shoot.

Even weeds can make effective photographs if artfully arranged.

I have no intention of framing this photo and hanging it on a wall or anything, but I do kind of like it. The bokeh isn’t bad. And the eye is drawn immediately to the focal point – the puffed seed head, which is the odd man out in this photo. Using contrast like this in photographs can be a wonderful thing.

This was taken at Ona State Park at the Oregon Coast. The park is located at the mouth of Beaver Creek, on Coastal Highway 101, halfway between Newport and Waldport. This area holds a special place in my heart because I spent my formative years living seven miles up North Beaver Creek. As far as photographic opportunities go, there are many at Ona. There is the creek, the ocean, wooded areas, sea grass, cliffs and a beautiful arched wooden bridge. It’s an excellent spot to photograph people using natural backdrops, or to photograph the splendor of nature. And, if you enjoy beach combing, you can often find shells and agates.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


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  1. Artsy indeed!:)

    Reem Faruqi Sent from my iPhone


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    How to use contrast to make effective photos.

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